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Derek Jeter, a man of honor and integrity. After the game, anyway.

So Jete admitted, in a post-game interview, what everybody in the world knew except the ump – the pitch hit the bat instead of him. Nonetheless, he hammed it up like an Argentinian striker taking fire from the Grassy Knoll. Fakes his way [...]
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If Forced to Choose: Football — or Your Wife or Girlfriend?

If push comes to shove, which would you choose: football -- or your wife or girlfriend?
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9/11 Showdown FSU vs. Oklahoma

I know I’m a week early, but FSU plays lowly Samford tomorrow, so not really much analysis needed for that game.  As you might’ve noticed, I’m an FSU homer.  I grew up in Tallahassee, I graduated from FSU twice, they have more money of mine than any other single source I’m not related to and [...]
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