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Iron Bowl Week

I still remember the moment. I was less than five years old. It was in Albertville, Alabama. My brother and I were playing in the living room when I decided to climb on the foot stool. This was Alabama, after all. We didn’t have ottomans. Just foot stools. I climbed up on [...]
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Favre cries wolf. Wolf tells him to go F-himself.

Just shut the hell up already, you attention whore. Let’s take a look back at just why Brett Favre’s “retirement announcement” is probably not even worthy of any posting by anyone anywhere anytime (this post notwithstanding): March 2008: Favre tells Packers he is retiring. February 2009: Favre tells Jets he is retiring. August 2010: [...]
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“I’ve been traded to……NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

One of the other Dirty Hippies posed the following question yesterday: Here’s the scenario. You’re a pro athlete. One day the coach calls you in and says “son, you’ve been traded to ___________.” What the worst team you can fill in the blank with? Four leagues, and feel free to elaborate on why if you feel [...]
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TCU/Boise St. Championship will end hopes for all mid-majors.

The chorus of hate directed at the BCS has often pointed to a particular scenario for leading to the systems downfall: a non-BCS school playing for or actually winning a BCS title. My contention has long been that this is an errant assumption. In reality, nothing would do more to strengthen the clout of the [...]
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