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In Denver, the MeloDrama is over; in New York, it’s just beginning…

After months and months of wrangling, speculation, posing, posturing, misdirection and strategery, wheeling and dealing, and fear and loathing, the Carmelo Anthony circus has finally departed the 5280 bound for the Big Apple. Praise Jebus, and may we never have to hear the term “MeloDrama” again. So, who got the better of the deal? We’ll know [...]
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Who’s really the greatest NFL franchise in history?

As the Super Bowl approaches, I’m hearing a lot of talk centering around the question of which franchise is the NFL’s greatest. In some cases it takes the form of “who is really America’s team?” Whatever the heck that gets you. Other times, as with countless spirited “debates” on sports talk radio’s arguing with idiots [...]
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UFC 126 Preview

SB Nation has the full fight card and tons of analysis, but I want to look at the top three fights, which probably have me more excited for a UFC card than any in the last year. The middleweight title fight between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort promises to be great. Belfort is likely the toughest [...]
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