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Sometimes Girls Are Better

I have a new heroine. I’m sitting at the skateboard park in Truckee, California watching a bunch of young kids skating on their boards. After 20 minutes, a group of six teen-age boys show up. These kids are infinitely better doing all kinds of jumps and moves. I’m impressed. A young girl walks onto [...]
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The eye of the Tiger: does Woods have to choose between being a great golfer and a good human being?

Tiger Woods wrapped up the 2010 Open Championship at St. Andrews tied for 23rd and 13 strokes off the pace, “his worst finish at a major in which he completed 72 holes since a tie for 24th at the 2004 PGA.” You might remember that Woods had a little domestic dustup last November, and since [...]
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The complex legacy of George Steinbrenner

George Steinbrenner is dead. Let me begin by saying that I’m a Red Sox fan and a lifelong Yankee-hater who loathed Steinbrenner from shortly after I first heard his name. Let me further note that for the better part of the last three decades I have argued, passionately and to anyone who’d listen, that there were [...]
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LeBron James: welcome to the Punk Hall of Fame

Let’s say you’re a guy and you’ve been involved with a woman. Long-term, committed, exclusive relationship. Several years together. You loved her dearly through the years and she’s simply gaga over you, for reasons none of your friends fully understand. But now, now you’ve realized that it isn’t going to work any longer. Maybe you [...]
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La Mano del Diablo, The Crossbar of God, The Fallibility of Man

I’m still struggling with putting this game into words. It wasn’t the greatest game I’ve ever seen, from a technical perspective. There have been prettier goals scored, just in this World Cup alone. People ask me why I love soccer, and I tell them: because it’s the closest any sport gets to reflecting the agony and [...]
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Why LeBron is going to the Nets

I’m not big on making predictions because I am usually proven wrong, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and make the case for LeBron James signing with the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets. And no, it has nothing to do with the lack of faith I have in “my” Knicks, although I [...]
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