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Something’s gotta be done.

“Poor poor Chris Henry”, they used to say. “He’s misunderstood. He’s really not like that usually. He was serious about turning his life around.” But after his death, the doubts were back. “Maybe you can’t change” replaced all of the hope that he would get things straight and finally show the consistent [...]
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Fedor Taps Out

Fedor Emelianenko, the Russian heavyweight mixed martial artist, has been arguably the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world over the last decade (though in the last three years, I would vote for Anderson Silva or George St. Pierre over Fedor). Now, I’d have to guess that if you’re reading this post, you probably don’t know [...]
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GHANA 2, U.S. 1: A chance goes begging…

First off, all praise to Ghana’s Black Stars. Bearing the hopes of an entire continent as the last African side in the World Cup, they showed themselves more than equal to the task. This was a truly well-deserved win by Ghana – they’ve now equaled 1990 Cameroon and 2002 Senegal as the third African team [...]
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U.S.A. vs GHANA: An epic preview for an epic match

Oh, Africa. The hopes were so very high that this would be the World Cup where African teams – who’ve blessed the game with players like Roger Milla, Michael Essien, and Didier Drogba – would finally break through en masse to the knockout rounds. Instead of a dream, African fans got a nightmare in the round [...]
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Mama Said Knock You Out: Previewing the World Cup’s Sweet 16

It all begins again tomorrow, when Uruguay tees off against South Korea to start the knockout round at the World Cup. From here on out, the stakes get higher, of course: win or go home, as the cliche goes. For those of you (paging Rick Reilly) who hate on soccer because of all the damned draws, [...]
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I Despise Interleague Play

For many years, my seasons half been on a different timeline than most of the rest of the world. While others break the year up with firm divisions based on planting seasons, school schedules or celestial positioning, my schedule coincides with America’s pastime. The first day of Spring is the day pitchers and catchers report. [...]
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The calm before the storm

Tonight really kicks off the start of what has been built up to be nothing short of a true “silly season” in the NBA. We’ve already seen the “:LeBron sweepstakes and US tour”, the turnover in Cleveland’s front office, the (unofficial) courtship by the Bulls of Phil Jackson and the Knicks, Nets, Bulls, Cavs [...]
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Tiki Barber: Too Slick by Half

Barber's post-football life, characterized by professional failure, sleaze, and likely onerous alimony and child support payments, hasn't shaped up as he carefully planned. While his football career remains for me perhaps the most rewarding I've ever witnessed, he's just too slick for his own good.
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(Don’t?) Believe the Hype….

I’m a sucker for hyped rookie talent in baseball. Have been for years – since a hot September by a young player led to a great Strat-o-Matic card the following year. Hell, one of my oldest and closest friends bought a batch of Dave Valle rookie cards based on his [...]
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Who’s the Biggest Jerk in Sports?

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