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The Most Valuable of All

There have been many all time greats lists put together over the years, and the debates those lists generate are a blast. But I’m going to make the argument that the conventional wisdom standard for the all time greatest player which is assumed by so many writers – that Michael Jordan is the undisputed number one against whom all other players have to be measured and found wanting – is like most conventional wisdom – wrong.
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Bill Plaschke Gives 110%

Okay, this is the start of what I hope will be a regular feature here at DHST, where I follow in the hallowed tradition of Fire Joe Morgan and take on the worst of sports commentary.  The idea is to take a look at the horrible crap that passes for sports journalism these days and [...]
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Something’s gotta be done.

“Poor poor Chris Henry”, they used to say. “He’s misunderstood. He’s really not like that usually. He was serious about turning his life around.” But after his death, the doubts were back. “Maybe you can’t change” replaced all of the hope that he would get things straight and finally show the consistent [...]
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U.S.A. vs GHANA: An epic preview for an epic match

Oh, Africa. The hopes were so very high that this would be the World Cup where African teams – who’ve blessed the game with players like Roger Milla, Michael Essien, and Didier Drogba – would finally break through en masse to the knockout rounds. Instead of a dream, African fans got a nightmare in the round [...]
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Who’s the Biggest Jerk in Sports?

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